The Villa Kruger Boutique B&B is situated directly in the middle of the Montreux Riviera on the Lake front of Lac Leman (Geneva Lake).

It is the former President Paul Kruger of South Africa who made the Villa famous by using it as his primary residence in Switzerland during the Year 1904 and it is in his honour the Villa was named Villa Kruger. The Villa Kruger is located in the quiet prestigious Villas du Bochet in Clarens-Montreux and the famous Kruger room can be visited from 14:00 to 17:00.


The Villa is only 1 hour away from Geneva by car, and it’s International Airport or the famous jet set Ski Resort Gstaad. You can enjoy the Region all Year around with different activities such as; listening to concerts during Jazz Festival or even listening to Classical Seasons music during the Summer or walk around the Christmas Market during winter or Skiing in Villas sur Ollon (only 25 minutes by car) during the Winter.

Weather conditions in Montreux :

Villas du Bochet 17 | 1815 Clarens, Suisse |+41 78 707 00 70